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The Comline brake pad range is designed to deliver consistency and quality at a prices which provide genuine value to our customers. 

Manufacturing Consistency

Comline brake pads all originate from the same source meaning we don't shop around. This gives us control over specification and a consistency of manufacturing that ensures quality from each and every Comline pad.

'E' Certified Quality

All Comline brake pads are ECE R-90 certified ('E' Certified), a label awarded under EU regulations to guarantee that a brake pad performs to within +/- 15% of the original part. Every Comline part number is subject to independent scrutiny and must pass a series of tests to achieve its 'E' certified status.

This testing has become a benchmark testing process for brake pads and has subsequently been adopted by non EU countries as their testing standard.

If a brake pad isn't 'E' certified then you have no guarantees over the quality of the product that you are fitting to a vehicle. With Comline you can fit with absolute confidence.

RMR Shim

Numerous applications within the Comline brake pad range are fitted with an innovation RMR (Rubber-Metal-Rubber) 'Clip On' shim designed to reduce noise and eliminate brake squeal.


Comline offers a brake pad range which covers over 90% of the European, Japanese and Korean car part but our range also extends into light commercial vehicles, buses, trucks and trailers. The Comline range is one of the most comprehensive in the industry.



Allied Nippon Brake Pads

In addition to supplying the Comline brand of brake pads, Comline Auto Parts is also proud to distribute Allied Nippon brake pads. Manufactured in Allied Nippon's own facilities these pads form one of the biggest 'E' certified ranges in the world, fitting everything from a SMART car to a 44 tonne truck! As a brake pad manufacturer Allied Nippon has complete control over materials, specifications and the manufacturing process. 

Utilise the manufacturer listing below to search the complete Comline and Allied Nippon brake pad ranges.

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