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Cabin and activated carbon filters have been a real growth area for Comline in recent years and our current range offers over 350 parts and counting! 

The cabin filter is essential to safeguard the health of vehicle occupants by ensuring that they are breathing clean, filtered air. With the typical lifespan of a cabin filter being 12,000km - 15,000km the product group represents a real opportunity for factors and garages to augment their business by promoting a change of cabin filter as part of the vehicle service.

Activated Carbon filters

Activated carbon filters differ from standard cabin filters in the way they interact with pollutants and pollen. Carbon filters use charged particles to actively attract and capture pollutants, thus offering superior filtering capabilities. Comline offers a variety of activated carbon filters as part of the cabin filter range.

Utilise the manufacturer listing below to search our range of cabin and activated carbon filters.

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